Not only personalized bottles

On a gift hunt?

At make Your Own Spirit you can order fully personalized beverage bottles. We do not mean that you can adjust a standard label to a limited extent, but you can actually customize the bottle, the valuable content and the label entirely to your taste and style. That is exactly what makes the MYOS web shop completely unique. The fact that you can also arrange a perfectly affordable and original gift in just 5 minutes completes the picture.

This combination is exactly what our inspirers intended with Make Your Own Spirit: to search for the perfect gift a lot easier and time-saving. At the same time and with the same formula we also charm critical vermouth connoisseurs, vodka & gin lovers or rum enthusiasts. Because for them, carefully chosen and tasteful content is just as important as the clever packaging.

The concept is successful and does exactly what it promises, is confirmed bt the strong growth we have achieved at MYOS since the start-up in 2016. We now dare to call our private and corporate customers convinced fans and enthusiastic ambassadors. MYOS does not want to be a supplier, but a pro-active partner with a clear personality. A clear vision that we realize with every online order of personalized beverage bottles.

Our thinkers and doers

MYOS is a young and dynamic company, but we prefer not to call ourselves that, because aren’t we all? We find potentials with a clear vision of the future that are willing to give your gift the ultimate kick, is a much better description.

Michel Cobbaert

  • Favorite Cocktail: Silver Gin Fizz
  • Favorite Spirit: Gin
  • TGIF: Gin Tonic
  • Favorite Bar: Jiggers

Wout Steenacker

  • Favorite Cocktail: Darn ‘n’ stormy
  • Favorite Spirit: Rum
  • TGIF: Vermouth Tonic
  • Favorite Bar: Pharmacy

The MYOS spirit(s) in short

  • Fast, easy, fun! These are our keywords and exactly what you can expect. 
  • Premium quality and yet affordable. You pay for the product, not for marketing. 
  • No impersonal online liquor story, but a real company with recognizable faces.
  • 5 minutes max. You do not need more to make personalized beverage bottles.
  • No ridiculous minimum purchases. Ordering 1 bottle is perfectly possible and affordable.
  • Companies and catering establishments do enjoy irresistible discount prices for large volumes.
  • Your order will be delivered within a maximum of 4 working days (and sometimes even faster).
  • Nice and tasty! We only use premium spirits of top quality and artisan stokers.


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