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Private label drinks:
original design & premium taste

Spoil your customers with a real ‘Gin of the house’

A good Gin Tonic, it is a fixed value on the menu. Customers nowadays expect an extensive gin card to order based on their favorite brand. But what if gin lovers were to choose based on taste, and no longer based on recognizable and expensive labels? That undoubtedly fits better with the culinary vision of your business.

Or do your customers want to try out a beer full of character or a matching wine?

This is perfectly possible with private label drinks! You serve a real aperitif maison in a recognizable and attractive bottle, completely in accordance with your house style. Your own drink from the house becomes the eye-catcher at the table and convinces thanks to the premium drink that is made artisanally.

Price Range
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€ 16,00 - € 26,00 / bottle

Do you want to spoil your customers in line with the culinary vision and corporate identity of your business? We help you choose from a huge range of drinks and beers. Choose from our premium gins and characterful beers of the highest quality.

Also, our drinks are packed in a luxurious bottle that you can fully personalize. Our private label drinks give your Aperitif Maison that little bit extra, and our beers surprise your customers with artisan flavors in a memorable package.

Upgrade your drinks menu and the image of your business.


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Even more reason to choose private label drinks.

With private label drinks like gin, beer or wine in personalized bottles, you transform commercial goods into smart and effective marketing tools. These noticeable and tasteful eye-catchers are not easily forgotten!

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1 bottle, or a lot of bottles?
Every volume is possible.
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Bottles with your design.
Fully personalized.
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Delivered surprisingly fast.
Wherever and whenever you want.

Private label spirits & more

With make Your own Spirit you can choose from various (strong) drinks and order them in private label bottles. From rum, vermouth, and whiskey to artisanal beers and elegant wines. A full premium range from aperitif to digestif!

Always wanted to make your own taste? We can help you with this too. Keep in mind higher minimum volumes.


Excellent quality & service

  • Only artisanal premium spirits and beers from regional stokers. Their passion for the profession is recognized immediately and appreciated by purebred gin lovers, whiskey connoisseurs, and zythologists.
  • Free professional advice when choosing your new house gin or putting together an extensive gin menu card. Useful tips for the perfect serve and killer cocktail recipes.
  • Our graphic designers assist you with the whole design process and design your personalized bottles of hard liquor according to your company style.


Minimal costs & risks

  • Always great wholesale prices for B2B professionals and catering businesses, regardless of the order of your private labeled drinks. Extra volume discount with bigger orders.
  • Direct delivery by the produces without unnecessary costs for distribution, transport, and marketing by various agents and beverage traders.
  • No minimum quantities with stock problems as of result. Small orders are also possible from this supplier.

We have more than strong drinks!!
Also discover our private label beer & wine for your catering business

Make a
calculation first

Curious about the cost of serving our branded spirits, beers or wines without customization or serve them under our brand? Or wonder what it would cost to serve our original promotional gifts?

Simply contact us to receive a customized quotation or a B2B order account where you can calculate your expenses in our online personalization tool.

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