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Sustainable promotional gifts smart upgrades for your catering business or event

Unique & sustainable promotional gifts

Are you planning to thank your business relations, customers and or employees with a card or flowers? Or are you planning to thank them with something more original this year?

A great bottle of wine or maybe a premium bottle of something stronger will certainly be appreciated. Take a step up and gift them a sustainable promotional gift that is not just handed out or end up hidden in the cupboard.

Have your bottles with beverage personalized with your label in your company style, add your logo and a personal message.

Give a luxurious bottle of gin, rum, vodka or vermouth as a sustainable gift. Or surprise your relationships with a beer full of character or a tasteful wine

Quick, easily deductible and at interesting prices. You can already benefit from just one bottle!

What does your house beer or gin look like?

Gin is more than popular again and the taste buds of the seasoned gin lovers are focused. Purebred Belgian beers are also becoming the favorite choice of the guests on the table.

Do you want to spoil your customers with the culinary vision and corporate identity of your business? We help you choose from a huge range of drinks and beers. Choose from premium gins and beers full of character of the highest quality.

Also, our drinks are packed in a luxurious bottle that you can completely personalize. Our branded spirits give your Aperitif Maison that extra push and our beers surprise your customers with artisan flavors in a memorable package.

Upgrade your drinks menu and the image of your business.


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Rent a mobile bar for your events.

Do you want to spoil your guests with trendy cocktail catering at your company event, or serve a refreshing beer or wine after work or during a private party? A fully equipped mobile cocktail truck and a sympathetic cocktail shaker ready for action. What’s more: we can serve the delicious cocktails, golden foam head or complex grape juice directly from your personalized bottles: various beers, wines, gin, rum, vodka or vermouth in the bottle with your logo and/or name on it.

The MYOS team takes care of everything, from setting up the bar to the perfect serve. It will be an evening your guests will never forget!

Fully customized. Simply easy.

As a busy entrepreneur or professional, you want your event, business or sustainable business gift to hit the mark. Your company image and time a precious!

That’s why we happily adjust our service to your needs and preferences. Let us know how we can help you and discover how flexible our custom work is.

1 bottle, or a lot of bottles?
Every volume is possible.
Bottles with your design.
Fully personalized.
Delivered surprisingly fast.
Wherever and whenever you want.

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Curious about the cost of serving our branded spirits or beers without customization or serve them under our brand? Or wonder what it would cost to serve our original promotional gifts?

Simply contact us to receive a customized quotation or a B2B order account where you can calculate your expenses in our online personalization tool.

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