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Discover which spirits of the house you can choose to give your gift or business an extra touch. Or immediately design your canvas on the bottle that you order online.

Premium Floral Gin

  • Viola Gin - ALC. 40% VOL

A unique balance between vanilla and rose petals.


Juniper berry, cardamom, coriander seeds, angelica, vanilla, lime, orange, liquorice & iris root

Perfect serve
  • Gin tonic: Fever-tree Indian tonic + slice of cucumber + rosemary
  • Gin cocktail: Basil Smash

Premium Citrus Gin

  • The Cure Gin – ALC. 40% VOL

Subtle aromas of juniper and citrus fruits


Juniper berry, iris root, angelica, coriander, lemon, orange, …

Perfect serve
  • Gin and tonic: Fever-tree Mediterranean + one-sixth of orange + Juniper
  • Gin cocktail: Silver Gin Fizz

Premium spiced gin

  • Riviera Gin - ALC. 40% VOL

Balance of citrus fruits and Mediterranean herbs


Juniper berry, angelica, coriander, orange, thyme, rosemary, basil

Perfect serve
  • Gin tonic: Fever-tree Mediterranean + rosemary/basil + half cherry tomato
  • Gin cocktail: Basil Smash

Premium Vodka

  • 1959 Vodka - ALC. 40% VOL

Round scent & pungent taste of grains.

Perfect serve
  • Vodka tonic: Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic + sixth of lemon
  • Vodka cocktail: Moscow Mule 

Premium Spiced Rum

  • Ubrundi Spiced Rum - ALC. 37.5% VOL

A complex character with a nice touch of vanilla & spices 


Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and vanilla 

Perfect serve
  • Rum cocktail: Dark ‘n’ Stormy

Premium Blended Scotch Whiskey

  • Abernathy Whisky - ALC. 40% VOL

Complex nose, balanced taste, and long finish.

Perfect serve
  • Pure in your favorite whiskey glass

Premium Vermouth Bianco

  • Cinto Vermouth Bianco - ALC. 14,7% VOL

A subtle balance between the fruitiness of the wine and a bittersweet herbal taste


Premium Italian wine aged in oak barrels with 50 different spices

Perfect serve
  • Vermouth tonic: Fever-tree Indian tonic + sixth of orange

What do our customers say?

Thibault V. about the Floral gin

“If you like floral, this is THE gin”


Geoffrey A. about the Citrus gin

“Great in its simplicity, yet complex, incredibly beautiful citrus fruits”


Sarah P. about the vermouth bianco

“Top vermouth, both pure and tonic, my new favorite aperitif drink”


Peter M. about the Scotch Whiskey

“A whiskey that will appeal to the connoisseur but is also accessible to the curious”




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